Discover main reasons why to choose plastic spanish tile roof

1- Engineered modular roofing system with less materials

If you design a house with a Roofeco Plastic Spanish Tile roof, because of the lightweight tile system, the entire structure can be lighter and no lightened partition walls, double mortar layer, waterproof layer or ceramic tile panels are required. Ventilation tiles are also unnecessary as this roof system possesses a natural ventilation without requiring any additional efforts.

With this type of roofing system, you will gain construction speed, useful space and you will save a lot of material.

The Roofeco plastic spanish tile roof is 7 times lighter than a traditional spanish tile roof or roof panels. It weighs 7.9 kg/m² compared to traditional tiles which weight 44 – 50 kg/m².



2- Roof systems easy to install

Due to the easy installation of the Roofeco´s plastic spanish tile roof, you may save up to 70 % of time.

Due to their lightness and flexible material, our pieces for the mounting of the roof can easily be handled by a single person.


3-     100% PVC-free, an Eco friendly roofing.

The Roofeco´s plastic spanish tile roofs are 100% PVC-free and were carefully developed more than 17 years ago to improve traditional tiles. Their color and surfaces remain unaffected in the course of time, they have a superior thermal rank and an attractive finish …. and even more important: there are 100 % recyclable and, contrary to PVC, do not contaminate our environment.

4-   Spanish tile roof with perfect finish

Patented Roofeco System

Our patented moorings system guarantees a perfect finish as the plastic roof tiles of our system do not require exposed screws.

Each piece of the system is carefully designed for each roof situation.

Apart from an immaculate aesthetic it is a filtration free roof.



5-   Light everywhere

Roofeco roofing system permit the installation of the traditional roof windows and we also offer plastic translucent tiles which may be combined with colored ones to allow the light to enter where it is needed.



6- Maintenanceless


Our roof does not require maintenance of any kind. Its material prevents the plastic spanish tile roof from accummulating moss and fungus as it is not porous and does not require mortar. Besides, the tiles  are also free of efflorescence. The roof will clean itself with the rain or the snow even though the roof has little inclinaton.


It is 100% waterproof and its geometry permits automatic and natural ventilation of the air chambers.




7- Cold … Heat

The traditional clay tiles permit a certain degree of internal humidity which at the time of a drastic change in temperature leads to a conversion of this humidity into steam exerting pressure on the pores of the traditional spanish tile causing cracks or ruptures. The material of the plastic spanish tile roof of the Roofeco system is NOT porous because it is 100% waterproof, thus avoiding the humidity in its interior which is responsible for breaking the traditional spanish clay tile.

8-Anti-hail and Resistant Plastic Spanish Tile Roof

The material which we use for the production of Roofeco plastic roof tiles is a polymer formula composed of recycled material with nano mineral particles which transform the original properties of said polymers increasing their capacity of thermal-acoustic insulation and their useful life.

These plastic roof tiles don´t break. They are flexible, recover their original shape even though a vehicle drives across them. The roof is trafficable and supports severe hail storms without causing any damage whatsoever.