Plastic spanish roof tile panel

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The plastic spanish roof tile by Roofeco is a highly modular engineered roof system made of recycled material with nanotechnology. It has a mooring or fastener system that hides screws (patented) showing a natural and clean roof. See pictures below.


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 plastic spanish roof tile

Front view

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Bottom view

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Technical data of the Roofeco´s plastic spanish
roof tile

Eco-composition: Recycled polymer with minerals and nanometric components which improve the original properties of the raw materials.  
Thickness: 0  13/64 inches
Weight per ft2: 1 lb. 6 oz.
Minimum roof slope: 15º
Innovation: Mooring or fastener system that joins panel with panel, hiding the screws.
Degradation: The nanometric components used in the formulation multiply the effect of the conventional additives by 4, thus slowing down the degradation of the material.
Heat and cold: Tolerates extreme temperature from -40° to 50°
Winds and hurricanes: Resists winds of up to 178km/hour (110mph)

Resists suction force of up to 650Kg/m2 (135psf)

Acoustics: The sound of the rain is hardly noticeable if there is no ceiling.  
Reaction in case of fire: In the event of a strong fire the roof will burn, but it will not contribute to the spreading of the fire or release toxic gases as would PVC. 
Maintenance: Not required
Trafficability: Total, does not break and resists hailstorms.
Excess cuttings:

They will be deposited in the recycling container for plastic materials. Not toxic.




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Green, blue and gray plastic spanish roof tile panels can be manufactured with a minimum order of 5382ft