Frequently asked questions – Lightweight Roofing Tiles

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Lightweight Roofing Tiles

  1. Will these lightweight roofing tiles break? Due to the minerals added to the formula these tiles are very strong. They can be run over by a truck and they will return to their original shape right away.
  2. Do the Tiles absorb moisture? No, tiles are non porous. They act like any other plastic item, which will not absorb moisture or humidity.
  3. Do I have to pressure washed my roof? No, the lightweight roofing tiles ROOFECO will not create mold, so there is no need to pressure wash them.
  4. Will the tiles look “plastic” on the roof? No, tiles will look just like clay tiles. The shinny tiles will turn to matte color after three to six months of exposure to weather on the roof. A “natural clay look” will be maintain for decades.
  5. Have they been installed in a cold climate? Yes, tiles have been installed in various climates. The performance of the tiles in the Northern United States has been tremendous.
  6. Will the tiles decolorize or fade with the sunlight? No, tiles are colored with metal oxide pigments that will not fade. The formula also contain UV blocking additives that will protect them from sun damage. It also has nanotechnology applied in this formula.
  7. Can we cut the tiles in different angles or to various shapes & sizes? Absolutely, tiles can be effortlessly cut using a regular manual saw to fit your particular need. The material handles much like wood.
  8. Will hardware for attaching the tiles cause leaks once installed? No, The screws used for installation have a weather resistant rubber washer that makes a perfect seal and will not allow water to penetrate the tiles.
  9. If I have asphalt shingles, would I have to reinforce my roof in order to installed the tiles? No, the light weight of these tiles allows for easy installation that does not require reinforcement to your existing roof structure whether you currently have shingles or clay.



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